Using Winner Medical’s High-Quality Laparotomy Drape in Surgeries

Using Winner Medical’s High-Quality Laparotomy Drape in Surgeries

A disposable laparotomy drape is used in surgical procedures involving the abdomen. It is widely used in abdominal surgical procedures and is favored by operating room surgeons. Winner Medical is a professional medical device manufacturer that produces high-quality, sterile laparotomy drape that meets the hygiene standards for clinical use


How do they work?

Winner Medical’s laparotomy drape has an incision curtain in the center surrounded by an absorption zone made of absorbent material.

The laparotomy drape is used primarily in abdominal and general surgery to delineate the sterile operating area, facilitate the placement of surgical instruments, and absorb fluid exuding from the surgical incision.

Its primary purpose is to isolate the surgical site from other areas of the patient’s body and from non-sterile areas of the operating table to ensure the aseptic operation of the surgery. He ensures both the safety of the patient’s life and the smooth performance of the surgery.

Other functions of the laparotomy drape include use to assist in hanging fluid containers and facilitate observation by the surgeon.

High-Standard of Production

It is worth mentioning that Winner Medical is very strict in supervising the production of the laparotomy drape. The laparotomy drape is manufactured in a sterile automated factory to ensure the quality of the product.


For the safety of surgery and the convenience of medical personnel, the laparotomy drape produced by Winner Medical is one of the necessary instruments in the operating room.



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