Can We Really Celebrate International Woman’s Day

We have come a long way since 03 1911 when the ladies day was celebrated for the first time following a decision at Copenhagen. It started as a campaign for ladies directly to election, to be trained, to hold public office; in other words end splendour. The decade has seen a significant change in the attitude of society in general. Many combat have been won, great improvements have been made and we have seen female head of states, head of corporate houses, astronauts, scientists and achievers all around. Today your ex day is more of a celebration of what has been achieved, about getting off the disadvantages to the good things.

However the unfortunate simple truth is that we are still not far from where we started, there still exists splendour between genders. The women are still far behind in all fields be it nation-wide politics, or business or even something as basic as the schools globally mesaje de 8 martie. The crime against women is still much more than the male counterparts; there is less focus on women’s health and education world over.

The splendour and physical violence against women mostly happens in the name of faith or in the name of family honor which of course are applicable just to women and no constraints are applicable for men whatsoever. The Muslim community will not ignore the veil (burquah) within the faces of women which is among the biggest an indication of women subjugation and male hypocrisy in the name of faith.

In Afghanistan men are known to do it yourself women in the name of family honor at the drop of the hat, in order that it comes as no surprise when we hear what is this great about Afghan spouse choosing burn themselves to death to escape a life of domestic do it yourself and abuse.

In The indian subcontinent where the government is looking at passing bills in the parliament for reservation for girls in what is there are social causes like female infanticide, child marriage, dowry, domestic physical violence etc which cannot be sweeped under the carpet. Like splendour at place of work and at home, domestic stress and physical violence was not enough, women are also fighting other offenses like sexual abuse, rape etc.

We need to address these issues and make efforts to have a society which is not biased, does not discriminate against women and only then can we celebrate your ex day by saluting the spirit of women as winners who shed the luster to sore higher and higher in the society.

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